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Company Profile

The company has been designing and manufacturing audio and power transformer since 2003. In the beginning we started off in making power transformers which were design specifically for audio application. This is where the issues of stability and low noise design are opted over cost cutting measures which are associated with common transformer winders to cut down on cost. After gaining a foot hold on the local market, we soon diversify our knowledge to making audio output transformers. In this area, intensive research and development took place to develop the sound that is Promitheus Audio. As each manufacturer has its is own distinct individual sound, we too then work on our own individual sound. Soon after developing more on the output transformers we beginning to look into more of the valve related transformers such as interstage and input trans. We are constantly developing new products thru lots of research and development to remain competitive in the audio industry. You can say that we are a boutique audio transformer winder who is interested in the tone of transformers and the affordability.

Production Facilities

Our production facilities currently is more suited towards small batch runs and prototype quantity. We have couple of manual winders for the special custom jobs and making of output trans, and a fully automated machine for the winding. To ease stacking of the EI cores, we have invested in EI stacking machines that can accurately stack the EI cores. This machines allows us to speed up our production time. With every company, the main asset of any company is the staff they employed. We too believe in hiring the best in the industry. As audio related transformers are rather labor intensive, hiring the best in the industry results in a better end product. Our staffs compromise of  very experienced winders who have 30 years of making transformers under their belt. They have come of from working at other transformers manufactures to join us to further strengthen our design and manufacturing team. One of our staff specialty is actually high-tension transformers that go up to 10KV for single phase and 50KV in 3 phase. We also have winders who's main experience is winding complex windings to suit complicated designs.  With this type of specialty it helps us to develop rather solid and sound transformers for the audio application. Every transformer we manufactured is infuse with the 30 years of experience and knowledge. This is further reinforce by the use of higher grade materials for the transformers. Our transformers are tested with flash testing before being ship out to our customers to ensure product reliability and quality.

Production Types

We currently offer our transformers in this various grades in both C core and EI variants

EI material

The material we stock is the Z11 grade equivalent to M6. This material is grain oriented with a thickness of 0.35mm. We believe this material is suitable  audio applications . It is the entry level of our materials for high end audio. Power transformers using this material have a full bass and a clearer highs. This is the same material we use in our output transformers. The Z11 grade has a low magnetic field and a lower core loss. The core run cooler than non-oriented steel. We stock material that is useful for 0.5watt Se trans to up to 150 watt se trans . The size we stock for Z11 are

  • E48

  • E57

  • E66

  • E76

  • E96

  • E111

  • E133

  • E152

C Core material

Our latest investment to further develop our audio range. C cores that are superior to our EI material. This material will be used for our finest transformers. The material we have procure is M2 High B with a thickness of 0.2mm. This material will offer a truly high end sound. The size we stock are suitable again for interstage transformer all the way to big output trans.


Our Customers

Our customers are people who make their own stuff to manufactures and distributors of parts. We have a small page dedicated towards the man and woman who have purchase our transformers and have made equipments using our transformers. If there is a need to transformers and you would like use to make them for you, let us know by dropping us a mail at for enquires. We have various size of lamination and wire in stock so drop us a mail if you need any transformer to be made.

One of our biggest customer is none other than CERIATONE at They are a major tube guitar manufacturer who used our transformers to support their production needs. We manufacture power transformer, output transformers and chokes for their amps such as JTM45, Plexi 50, Marshall 18 Watt just to name a few. We have often been asked to design and make output and power transformers to suit their tone they are looking for. Each of their output transformer and power transformers will have to be tested and modify and rework to get the tone of the particular model. As each amp as its distinct tone, no one transformer model is the identical to each other but a unique individual with its own distinctly individual tone.

If you are manufacturer of audio amplifiers and in need of transformers let us know where we can support you in transformers. Drop us a mail at where we can discuss and brainstorm on your needs.



If you like to be a distributor in your region, let us know by dropping us a mail at




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