Liliput Amp Set

This set is for the liliput amp shown below. It is a rather simple and cheap amp to built. On the plus side it sounds rather decent and offers a glimpse into the "high end" sound.


*Note: Image taken from audiokit webpage at

After building the amp, it is noted that the value of resistor R3 to be change to 33K for better presentation and airness, with a slight increase in gain.  0.1uf is used to retain the naturalness of the bass. Going too big in value tends to fatten the bass.

Trans Set Picture

Cores are all Z11
Power trans is smaller, lighter and regulates better than standard core.
Choke has better high frequency filtering. Output trans is specified up to 10W.
Power trans. Primary 240-0/120-0.  A choice of either primary input voltage. Comes with electrostatic screen
Secondaries. 160V-0 @300mA, 6.3-0V @4A.
Choke. 3H 300mA.
Output trans. 1kohm:8ohm. 10W.

Shipping weight 5kg. Additional 1kg for components
USD 150 per trans set.

USD 190 for trans and tubes including their sockets

USD 250 for the complete components. Carbon composite resistors, aluminium non-inductive wirewound resistors, panasonic fc, nichicon  105C caps, paper in oil caps coupling and fast recovery soft switching diodes, IEC inlet, switch, fuse, speaker binding post and rca sockets.


Completed Liliput Amps

Sample amp courtesy of Zul.