Our OWN handmade pure STRESS FREE silver cables

Our latest range of Cables are developed after years of research and experiment.

These cables are carefully hand braided and dampened with an Polyolefin and damping material to reduce microphonics.

This method ensures quiet, clean yet transparent, detail open highs, rich mids and clean, well controlled deep bass.

The purity of sound is well heard as the purity of the silver is off very high standards.

This is the same silver cable we used in our TVC setups

Our cables are price for the common audiophile wallets with the sound of high end cables

For our RCA interconnects

 1.0 Meter RCA Pair USD120
 1.5 Meter RCA Pair USD165

This are supplied with made in Japan RCA plugs which we found to be the most musical

For our XLR interconnects

  1 m XLR pair USD130
 1.5 m XLR pair USD180

The XLR interconnects are supplied with Neutrik Connectors

All solder joints are soldered with 4% silver solder to maintain the same purity of sound as our silver cables

We recommend the 1.5m pair as the best cable length to used as we found out it to be the most coherent across the bandwidth length

Also if you need longer lengths let us know how we can accommodate your request, as all our cables are handmade and can be made to tailor your personnel specifications.