Promitheus Audio Phono Preamp

Phono Preamp

The Phono stage has both MM and MC stage. Build in a dual mono block design.

The Phono Preamp is produced in small numbers and sonically superior to mass industry products.

The Phono stage is compatible with practically all available cartridges on the market from High Output MM to the lowest output MC cartridges

To maintain very low noise, it has an EXTERNAL power supply to reduce vibration and magnetic field interference with the main unit.

The preamp has user selectable gain settings for 40-52 db for MM and a special setting for high output MC.

On the MC stage it has gain setting from 60 -72 db. 

The settings on the main unit can be selected via jumper slots

Preamp has selections for various capacitor loading (4 variations)

1) 100pf

2) 220 pf

3) 470 pf

4) 1000pf

and resistor (6 variations) to match the your cartridge specified loading

1) 100 ohms

2) 220 ohms

3) 330 ohms

4) 470 ohms

5) 820 ohms

6) 1K

To communicate the wealth of vinyl

The extinction of vinyl records has been predicted many times, and yet the technology remains with us. In the face of digital formats, which are so convenient and user-friendly, it might seem difficult to explain the survival of vinyl. That is until you listen to both. Digital music has never equaled analog recordings in the quality or beauty of musical reproduction. Sonically there really is no comparison between the CD format and vinyl. Even the new high-resolution formats, such as DVD-Audio and SACD, use vinyl records as the benchmark for comparison. For those audiophiles who take the path less traveled in pursuit of musical perfection, PromitheusAudio proudly offers its own phone stage to relieve the golden era of Music

LP playback is fascinating in its rich presence and freshness of the sound. It quietly demonstrates superiority of its logical simplicity. However, we are not satisfied with the sound of today's LP playback systems; most of them sound too neat and clean, even tasteless, like distilled water.

With Phonopreamp, our intention is to enhance the richness of LP sound, and differentiate it even more from the sound of a CD.



Internals of the Main Unit


Audio Section

Power Section
Promitheusaudio Phono Preamp USD650

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