1. Ordering From Promitheusaudio

We have an ordering platform using paypal for payment. If you require other means of payment or ordering , just e-mail us!


2. Payment

We use Paypal as our method of payment. Once you have submitted the Order Form, we will contact you for the totals, as well as payment information.

We also accommodate other methods of payment (Money Order, TT, etc). Please e-mail for more information.


3. Shipment Cost

We generally use DHL to ship our products. DHL is very reliable, fast, and economical. We also use Normal Air Parcel for even lower costs.

We will also use other methods of shipment is we think it will be beneficial for the clients (lower cost, faster, easier, client request, etc)

We will notify you once item is shipped, with Tracking No. information.

4. Warranties and Returns

For a warranty or return claim you would need to ship back the items to us here in Malaysia. Our address will be provided to you for this purpose

Once we verify that the item is indeed defective, and in original form, we will replace the item, or return your money, subject to terms and conditions below:

Please follow the following process for Warranties and Returns:

  1. Make sure the item is in its original condition. We do not accept returns on used items.
  2. For items damaged in shipment, 1. does not apply.
  3. E-mail us stating reason of return (defects, non-compliance, damaged in shipment, etc), and whether you'd like a Replacement, or Money Back.
  4. The address for our company will be e-mailed to client.
  5. Mail the item to the address given.
  6. Once item is received, verification will be made as to whether the claim is valid and accepted.
  7. If not, item will be returned. You will need to pay Shipping Fee (from US) for this.
  8. If Yes, a Replacement or Money Back will be given minus shipping cost and 10% restocking fee
  9. Refunds are done via Paypal
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