Garrard 301/401


Recently there is a huge following of this old turntable made by the Garrard company from the UK

It features a idler wheel which drives a heavy platter.

Because of the idler wheel which drives the platter and the magnet used to slow down the speed, it gives the Garrard the famous sound which so many people have come to like. The sound of the Garrard is musical, foot tapping and it draws you into the music.

However because of the idler wheel, there is some amount rumble from the motor and this has to be cut down to enjoy a Garrard. When an improper plinth is used the transparency is poor with a slightly crude sounding sound

When the right plinth is used it will give modern high end turntables are run for their money

Many companies offer this plinth for the garrard i.e. Cain and Cain, Martin Bastin and many more

TO used the Garrard at its best is to make a dedicate plinth design which acts as

The biggest problem is how do we remove the rumble from the music.

Simple make a dedicate separated arm-board.

This way any vibration from the turntable is not transmitted to the arm

Not seen in the picture is a dual slots( one pair of slots can be seen) that fasten the arm-board to the bottom plinth.

The dual slots allow for x and y adjustment to allow the arm to be accurate tune to the platter. No more struggle to setup arms when you have this dual axis adjustments.

The wood used for this is an Indonesian Hard Wood Marine Ply

On my turntable I used a Hadcock Unipivot arm. Again this type of arm type is good for high vibration prone turntable because the arm is sitting on a single point.

On my Hadcock, I used a Shelter 901 cartridge and a Decca London Blue (thanks to a nice friend who loan this to me)

I used a Birch chopping board below the sub- plinth couple with some of our wooden cones. Birch seems like a nice piece of wood, and I love to use them where I can.

Below the chopping board sits my Vibraplane Air Suspension system. Great isolation device. A hassle to set up as it weight 150 pounds