Promitheus Audio Solid State DAC

The main board for the DAC.

Our Non-oversampling DAC using the TDA1545A chip with Asynchronous Relocking, Passive I/V stage. Output transformer coupled



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The DAC review in

 DAC review

The awards DAC has won

 Best Off Award For 2008

 For a limited time we are selling the DAC for USD490 + shipping.  

Promitheusaudio DAC

Shipping Charges
DHL shipping to United States, Japan, Asia, Australia USD80
DHL shipping to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Scotland, UK USD95
Rest of European Union countries USD128

Custom Modifications for the DAC

 Nanocrystalline Double C-core OPT Upgrade USD 120
Separate Power Supply USD 100
Burson Audio Opamp Upgrade USD 90
Copper Plates Upgrade USD 50

Purchase our Power cord together when buying our DAC

Power Cord

USD150 when purchased with our DAC or Active Preamp


The DAC weighs 5.5 kgs due to the oversize power transformers and the output transformers


If you need more inputs, outputs do not hesitate to email us.

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